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  • חדש חדש מלון הבוטיק MYSTIQUE BLEU HOLBOX נפתח לקהל הרחב ההזמנות בעיצומן! המלון ממוקם כשעתיים נסיעה משדה התעופה קנקון, בו תמצאו את הסוד השמור של מקסיקו בלעדי ב NCA HOTELSֱ!
  • חדש חדש ! מלון ROYALTON BAVARO נפתח לקהל הרחב עם אטרקציות מפתיעות לגולשים ולכל המשפחה ההזמנות בעיצומן!
  • נפתח !!! ROYALTON SUITES CANCUN במרכז קנקון הכי מרכזי שיש, בלעדי ב NCA HOTELS !!!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be the Leading hotels representative company, empower hotels by diverting direct bookings to the hotels , so the hotels can save high commissions.
NCA HOTELS will stand out your hotels from your competitors.
Our customers the travel agencies, whole-salers , airlines and Tour operators provided with a high quality service, best prices from first source, and training so they can be competitive and promote the hotels offered by NCA HOTELS.

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Vision and Values

The success of Blue Diamond Resorts can be attributed to strong entrepreneurial leadership, passionate employees, great partnerships, and the delivery of an evolving product that represents value to our customers.

Customer Focused

We develop products and services that offer real value to our customers. We are continuously incorporating the feedback from our customers into industry leading features which enhance the travel experience.


We are empowered to seize opportunities and respond quickly, gaining commercial advantage over competitors.

Value Driven

We focus efforts on productive, profitable, results-oriented activities, securing the future for loyal employees and their families.

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