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Holbox Mexico

Holobush Island, Mexico

Holobox Fisherman’s Island (HOLOBOX) is considered the mysterious gem of Cancun, the place where you will truly enjoy peace and quiet, away from the hordes of tourists and party noise. The island, located northwest of Cancun, is on the edge of the Yucatán Peninsula and presents a complete antithesis to the uninhabited resort town, as it is a tiny island (only 42 miles long and less than 2000 people) which is part of the Blum Day Nature Reserve. Yum-Balam).
A visit to the island presents an authentic and magical lifestyle, which includes marvelous spectacles, such as fishermen hauling fishing nets laden with freshly made good water from the ocean, colorful tin houses, along virgin seashores with clear waters that give a true sense of heaven on earth.
In order to get to Holobush you will need a ferry, while the owners of the finances will, despite the high price, arrive by private flight departing from Playa del Carmen, Cozumel or Cancun. The island’s own mobility is only possible by foot, bicycle or small golf, which adds to the local experience that manages to excite visitors to the island every time.

Things not to be missed in the surrounding area:

  • * The large variety of animals that characterize the island allows both bathers and sailors to sail in the surrounding area, bumping into dolphins, giant whales, mint rays and thousands of fish floundering alongside them. We recommend renting snorkeling and binoculars, and discover a whole world that will be revealed to you underwater.
  • ”Wander on the water” – It is recommended to visit the hammock beach in the island, which, as it is, offers holidaymakers huge hammocks in the water, allowing you to relax in front of a breathtaking view.
  • Don’t miss a chance to take in the spectacular ‘Island of Passion’ in the beauty of Holobush, which has clear waters connecting to the ocean. Around the island you can meet flamingos and a host of animals in the wild. The island must be reached by canoeing. It is worth noting that Bai took the commercial for the famous Corona capital.
  • It is advisable to observe at night when there is no moonlight, as if you enter a little sea to knee-high, you will see a memorable sight of glowing plankton along with the stars.
  • Culinary enthusiasts are expected to enjoy the local restaurants serving fresh seafood and fish.

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