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Papagayo Bay, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

The Papagayo Peninsula is the ultimate destination for a perfect beach vacation in the wonderful country of Central America, with its expansive beaches overlooking many islands, breathtaking views and glorious sand.
This magical area is famous mainly for its amazing sunsets, especially on the ” Ramosa ” beach, which in Spanish means ” the beautiful beach ”. Papagayo is a pilgrimage site for diving enthusiasts from all over the world, thanks to one of Costa Rica’s best dive sites.
The highlight, undoubtedly during a visit to the peninsula, is the long, breathtaking, breathtaking stretch of beach, which presents visitors with white sand and clear water in various shades on the purity of the Caribbean resort atmosphere.

Things not to be missed in the surrounding area:

  • Playa del Coco Beach – one of Guanacaste’s popular beaches, with gray shades of sand, and particularly strong waves. This is a perfect beach for adrenaline-filled boating with boogie boats. Of course, this is a perfect beach for surfers, where you can try your luck on high waves and tributaries that leave no room for imagination.
  • Visiting the region’s top safaris or parks is a must, as they have all the beauty Costa Rica has to offer, including breathtaking waterfalls, a huge variety of wildlife, and of course, nature.
  • Extreme lovers among you will probably be pleased to find that Guanacesta is considered one of the most common places in the world for free skydiving or omega. It is time to brave and connect with the strengths of nature, over rivers, mountains and waterfalls that are a work of divine art.
  • The dozens of beaches in Papagayo Bay are a great opportunity to watch cute sea turtles. If you are lucky enough to visit the area during the peak of the turtle’s egg-laying season, you will be able to witness an amazing spectacle of thousands of sea turtles roaming around on the white beaches.
  • The beaches of Guanacaste are a prime destination for fishermen. Many of these beaches have been used as fishing villages in the past and are characterized by being natural and amazing. This is your chance to try to catch your own fish for dinner. Good luck !

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