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Mexico amigos!

Welcome to Cancun, an unparalleled breathtaking city that sits on Mexico’s white coastline. The city of Kit offers millions of visitors during the year a colorful South American experience, including fine culinary, varied attractions plus lively nightlife until the wee hours.

The tourist quarter is packed with exclusive luxury hotels, all built in a magical bay nestled on the Caribbean Sea. These hotels are equipped with private beaches along with the finest luxuries, giving holidaymakers full value for their money. Add to that the perfect weather throughout most of the year, and you have an intoxicating Latin atmosphere.

It’s time to take a real breather out of your daily routine, stroll around on the white beaches where you can’t stay indifferent, blend in with the clear blue sea, and spend the night dancing on the dance floor in the high-end and colorful clubs of Mexico, such as the Coco-Bong Club ‘The famous

Things not to be missed in the surrounding area:

  • Cancun is a gateway to the Mayan world – the ancient Native American culture that lived on the Yucatan Peninsula. Nearby the resort are important archeological sites such as Chichén Itzá or Tulum city which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We recommend spending a full day in favor of star trips to the two destinations that are expected to leave you with a mouthful.
  • Isla Mujeres (” Women’s Island ”) is 13 miles away from the ferry from Cancun. The island’s 19th-century Hacienda Mundaca estate is enchanted with the mystery of a 19th-century slave trader, a encounter with cute sea turtles along magical azure beaches. Recommended is Playa del Norte, in the north of the island.
  • Don’t miss a visit to Xenses Exceptional Amusement Park which is one of the main attractions for families planning a Cancun vacation with children. The park is full of facilities and experiences that will knock you off your feet, literally, such as mud slides, ” bird flight ”, a jungle tour that includes a spectacular view of the underground river system, a lush tropical garden with animals, such as fish, parrots or flamingos , And many more surprises …
  • The Reef Reef Interactive Aquarium was opened in 2000 to increase awareness of the importance of marine conservation in the area. The place showcases the vast diversity of life in the Caribbean. Those of you who are interested in an even more tangible experience can swim with sweet dolphins at Isla Mujeres located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, which is just 20 minutes away from the Mankun Ferry.
  • Option for a romantic pastime on the stunning scenery of Cancun includes an integrated cruise with lobster dinner (for those of you who don’t keep kosher of course). We recommend sailing in the Nichupte Lagoon Lagoon, where you can forget about the real world, and sit in the romantic charm with fine wine, and even a saxophone player whose job is to preserve the sensual atmosphere.


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