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Granada – Spice Island

Welcome to Granada, a tiny island with spectacular scenery located in the heart of the Caribbean, near Venezuela. It is the southernmost island in the Windward Island chain and is located about 160 miles north of the coast of South America.

The term “spice island” adheres to Grenada, thanks to the fresh local produce exported all over the world, including herbs and spices such as nutmeg, ginger, cocoa, vanilla, ginger and even local art and crafts.

Granada is a tropical island full of rainforests, waterfalls, tropical flowers, hidden bays along with warm, welcoming residents. The island is toured throughout the year, mainly thanks to the cruise ships (cruises) that bring many curious visitors to its shores.

Things not to be missed in the surrounding area:

  • National Museum of Grenada – The French-built museum in the early 18th century is one of the oldest buildings in
  • The Port of St. George is located in one of the most beautiful and picturesque Caribbean cities. The harbor where many cruise ships are anchored, with tourists from all over the world, built on hills, and looks as if taken from a postcard. Alongside the enchanting scenery, it is worth wandering on the new cruise liner dock, located near the market square, strolling on the main promenade full of shops and restaurants, and just soaking in the unique local Caribbean atmosphere.
  • As a must-visit for spice island, do not miss local attractions that include, among other things, a guided tour of the Gouyave Nutmeg Processing Cooperative, which produces over 1000 tonnes a year of spice, which is Granada’s number one export product. Another spice house that is recommended to visit is the Dougaldston Spice Estate, which is now an open-air museum where you can view the process of growing and processing spices of various types.
  • None of us like sweet. Just because of that, don’t miss a tour of the Bettie’s Hope factory. It is, in fact, the world’s first sugar industry enterprise that opened somewhere in 1650. Today, a small museum is operating, explaining the lifestyle and slave conditions of the time. You can also visit the windmills, where they used to squeeze the sugar water to make the rum drink.
  • The cricket game is like a religion throughout the Caribbean, a reminder of the colonial rule of the British in the region. Children can be seen playing with a makeshift bat on all beaches, and in fact everywhere possible. If you feel like embedding even more in the local culture, you can join the game with them as well, and on the way also enjoy the experience of a fascinating sports industry.

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