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A small archipelago in the eastern Caribbean known for its lush beaches, coral reefs and wide bays. Antigua is the largest island of the Leeward Island chain and is known for its esthetic location at the center of the chain, nicknamed “The Heart of the Caribbean”.

During the Napoleonic War, Antigua served as the main base of the British army. In 1981, along with the island of Barbuda adjacent to it, the two gained independence.

The tropical and breathtaking landscapes of these islands have led many celebrities, such as Oprah Winfrey or Eric Capleton, to set up vacation homes. It is an area that allows you to stop for a breath of the intense life race, choose your favorite beach, sip a refreshing smoothie or cocktail, and find peace.

Things not to be missed in the surrounding area:

  • Dickenson bay is one of Antigua’s most popular beaches and is packed with tourists. However, it can find some more tranquil corners. Along the coast are luxury hotels and excellent restaurants. Not far from it lie small uninhabited islands and a large coral bay. This beach offers a variety of water sports such as: snorkelling, water skiing, boating with transparent glass floor and diving.
  • The English port located in the southern part of the island is a great attraction for area visitors. It is a dry walled port, where the British Navy was stationed during their reign on the island until 1889. The naval position at the port known as the Nelson Shipyard is a tourist site and pilgrimage of many yachts and vessels frequently anchored there.
  • It’s worth visiting the Devil’s Bridge, a rugged area in the southeast of the island, at the point of connection between the Atlantic and the Caribbean. The ocean waves crashing on the shore are the ones that led to the formation of the bridge, which only the brave dare to march on, as the sea waves continue to wash it with great intensity.
  • None of us like sweet. Just because of that, don’t miss a tour of the Bettie’s Hope factory. It is, in fact, the world’s first sugar industry enterprise that opened somewhere in 1650. Today, a small museum is operating, explaining the lifestyle and slave conditions of the time. You can also visit the windmills, where they used to squeeze the sugar water to make the rum drink.
  • Near Antigua can be seen in the active Soufrière Hills volcano on Montserrat Island. In 1995, the mountain, which until then was dormant, erupted, covering the southern part of the island with ash and mud. Antigua can be observed on the impressive mountain.

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